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About Traditional Art / Student Member Damien J. Ledda16/Male/France Group :iconangrybirdslike: AngryBirdsLike
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Every art I make comes there. But every art which is there is strictly copyrighted. Don't use any part of my work without my explicit permission.

Random Favourites

Extraordinary arts by extraordinary peeps. :3 Feel free to check what I fav'd to fav' the peep's work too (like a charity, 'coz they're awesome) !

NB : Some artworks I fav'd are missing in the Featured, so click on "All" to check everything I loved. ;D


Damien J. Ledda
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Welcome to my profile !

• Name : Damien Jérôme Ledda
• a.k.a : Alsatic ...
• Age : 16
• Birth : July 30, 1998; Strasbourg (France)
• Activity : Traditional artist, student, gamer
• Gender : ♂
• Likes : Birds, logos, MineCraft, Angry Birds, native people, sunshine, blue color, friends, artworks other people make, ...
• Hates : Annoying immature deviants, spambots, thunderstorms, art thieves, hate arts, blood and gore, ...
• Favourite bands/musicians : deadmau5, Michael Jackson, Survivor, Imagine Dragons, ...
• Fandoms [dates are since I joined deviantArt, not since 2000 !] : Kung Fu Panda [former, 2012-2014, 2014-], Angry Birds [2013-], Pokémon [2012-], Mario [2012-], still adding others soon.
• Drawing : Kung Fu Panda [former, 2012-], Angry Birds [2013-], Pokémon [2014-], adding others soon.

Did you know ...
• ... that I currently study at Marcel Rudloff High School (Lycée Marcel Rudloff), now with an access to the tramway (the D-line) ?
• ... that I actually enjoy watching YouTube videos, birds, ...; listening progressive house, etc.; but sometimes, I spend my time inspirating myself on tribes, but I take MOST of my time to learn for school ? D:
• ... that I'm hemophobic, it means that I hate blood ?
• ... that I CAN'T draw humans at all ... except stickmen or some pictogram ones ?
• ... that I've been a deviant since almost 3 years, along my previous account iThriller3 ?
• ... that I got a bro (misterJeje) and a sis (werehog-laulau) ?
• ... that I'm a recent member of hq, but I'm a dABloodhounds member too ?
• ... that my zodiac sign is the Lion, and I like Chinese lion dances ?
• ... that I'm born on July 30, and obliviously, it's the same birthday as one of my favourite YouTubers (except the year, he's 6 years older than me) and the date of the Ni-Vanuatu Independence Day from 1980 ?
• ... that I truly hate myself, and wish I could be a bird ?
• ... that I sometimes modify my arts' description each time I submit/edit things (yes, I've somtimes got things that came in mind after submitting), which may cause some issues with mentioned people (if it does) ?

Favourite ...
• ... Mario character : depends, mainly Yoshi and the Koopas
• ... Pokémon : Many of them, especially those who look like birds. :D
• ... Sonic character : Silver the Hedgehog
• ... Angry Bird : EVERYONE.
• ... animal : BURDS. Whatever they are. èvé
• ... legendary creature : dragon, gryphon & phoenix
• ... music : EDM FTW !
• ... Minecraft mob : ... Silverfish. F*** yea. èvé
More predilections to come soon.

Account history
Past :
iThriller3 (February-June 14, 2012) :
  • "i", used on Apple products like iPod, iPad, ...
  • "Thriller", one of the most famous songs by Michael Jackson
  • "3", my favourite number

SinisterLife (June 14-August 21, 2012) :
  • "Sinister", related to one of my favourite artists on deviantART (guess who)
  • "Life", uhh ... life. xD

The-Bird-of-Truth (August 21, 2012-February 16, 2013) :
  • from a book of the same name

AlsaticEternityBird (February 16, 2013-May 18, 2014) :
  • "Alsatic", from Alsace
  • "Eternity", ... eternity. xL
  • "Bird", my favourite animal order

Present :
Alsatic (May 18, 2014-present) :
  • "Alsatic", may be confused with Alsatique, and not Alsation (dA confuses with it while searching my username)

Future :

Languages spoken
• French : Expert
• English : Expert
• German : Beginner/Intermediate
• Other languages : Depends on the language used by the people

Account policies
Since I was a bit too rude, I'll reduce it a bit.
My artworks AREN'T free to use, instead, it's strictly copyrighted, even though you see the CC license. So, unauthorized use, either entirely or partially, retracing, stealing, recolouring and illegal sells are strictly prohibited.

NO chain mail/troll/spam/orders, please, I want this profile to be safe ! If one of these is sent as a comment, it'll be hidden. If this repeats a certain amount of time, the last comment which is one of the listed unwanted things will be flagged as spamming.

People that are annoying me would have worse than expected. They may be blocked, just like bots. I remember when I was so upset because of some annoying things, so ... yea.

Art status
! In Art Block !
• Art Trades : Open
• Point Commissions : Open
• Requests : None
• Kiribans : None
• ACEO : None
• Commissions : None
• Gifts : Secret !
• Collaborations : Open

Friends [dA/IRL] | Inspirations
• My great allies !
Vulpinia, ElvisOrion56, Lenirra, Zonoya717, CamacheWarrior, ScoutWalker, puffugu, Anshena, StarDragon108, SleepySketches, AngryWhiteBird, Kade-No-Akuma, Cookie-Guardian, Nsponge200, TBalazs2000 and way more.
• Those I met IRL !
werehog-laulau, misterJeje, Smileismydrug and jetztenchu
• My ... Gods, if I can say it ? ('Coz they're awesome !)
SinisterEternity, InnerRequiem, Shear-Rohark, StellasStar, Nupho, WishmasterAlchemist, Rick-Lilley, amaliabastos, ioanacamelia2000, AngieTheCatGuardian and way more.
If you're not here, it doesn't mean I hate you at all !

• As a(n inactive) contributor : AngryBirdsLike
• As a simple member : Wings-of-Horizons, GetWatchers, BirdsWithDetail, devBUG, DeviantArtistsFR, Ornithologists, Windows-8-users, europeans, win-8, DA-Windows-8-Users, AngryBirdsFanClub, HappythePenguinbird, dABloodhounds, All-World-Works, hq

Other accounts
• Active accounts
YouTube (inactive in videomaking)

• Inactive accounts
Twitch (can't live things yet.)
Arte Creative
Facebook (Private & inactive but not deactivated 'coz of apps like Spotify)

• Upcoming accounts
Website [Project : Need a lot of help from someone who knows about personal websites]

• Private accounts
eMail : Giving to peeps I know AND trust ! :noes: (I was already hacked like this, so ... yea.)
Skype : Giving to peeps I know AND trust ! :noes: (Though I'm not using it very much)



What went wrong with dA ? It seemed to load slowly on the Web minutes ago ... Too much data on their terminals ?
Reference sheet | Xueshu Taiyang by Alsatic
Reference sheet | Xueshu Taiyang
A relifting of my KFP character, which adds ... blue lines.

My first OC ever drawn, back in 2012 (as iThriller3 with a concept, later officialized as SinisterLife). I decided to redesign him a bit to make him look younger (?), and also, more "psychic".
Why did you use SinisterEternity's style of crest with-- Sorry to interrupt you, I did ask permission, back in 2012 (I may not have a link to the permission I asked, but I sure did !). So, I give credits for the crests' style to her Maybe I got amnesia, but I remembered that I did, or else, Xueshu's first official design wouldn't be with these !

What does his name mean ? I don't remember, but it's something with "Sun" on it. I keep searching if it's a word that I gave ... :L

What is known 'bout him ? Not much.

What can I say else ? .... nothing, I guess ?

Xueshu Taiyang © Alsatic
crests' style © SinisterEternity (I didn't mention her w/ @..., but at least, I credited her)

© Alsatic

I think I'm gonna pause the Angry Birds artworks, getting back to my roots ... momently.
Gift | Who stole mah cookie? | for Cookie-Guardian by Alsatic
Gift | Who stole mah cookie? | for Cookie-Guardian
It's a lil' gift for Cookie-Guardian, with John and Joel. In a (newer ?) style of drawing (they're not relined everywhere). And I failed. A lot.

Well, someone has taken the cookies, and that makes John mad. (Of course, Joel was unaware of what was happening, since he was listening to ... dubstep.)

What can I say else ? Nothing, I guess ....

John © Cookie-Guardian
Joel © Alsatic

© Alsatic

Reference sheet | Joel 'Alpha' by Alsatic
Reference sheet | Joel 'Alpha'
Yes. He's Vauxhall's substitute.

If you wanna know why I created Joel, it's because I was getting a bit confused with Vauxhall's appearances (15 is a bit too much), and because it looks much more like a realistic bird, unlike his predecessor.

Who's Joel ?
Joel, or "Alpha", is a modification made to Vauxhall by a mad doctor, ridiculously called Bêta. Since its modification, he can't morph anymore, nor ejects pyramids, but he uses "Alphas" to take down the enemies.
Often calm, he searches for missions and occasionally produces/listens to music ... to forget his tragic past.

He also has a realistic appearance, that is not shown, but he is what I was inspired of to draw him.

Joel © Alsatic

© Alsatic

Hi guys, after these years, I'm in a stade that shows itself by a loss of imagination and interest. So, I might restart everything over.

What will be restarted, to be precise ?
First, it's my art style. To me, my own style to draw thing is ugly. Honestly, I shouldn't reline everything in the artwork. I'll try to change my art style asap.
Then, maybe you'll yell to me "Y U NO KEEP HIM LIKE IT", but ... Vauxhall won't be Vauxhall anymore. Why did I name him a city name ? D: Truly, I'll change his name (you'll see later), as well as his designing. I WAS too childish. Now that I changed, he will resemble to his 11th form. But more details later.
I know you'll say "What about the other appearances ?", so I answer it now : the other appearances will be removed. It's too difficult to reckognize him with 15 forms, especially when his name changes between each plumage. Also, he, unlike what I did before, will have a IRL appearance (you'll know it when his reference will come).
Afterwards, it may be ridiculous, but ... Alsatic ... nah. That won't take it, it may have repulsive issues. In November (or later), when the account will become Premium, you will maybe know me as Pteridos. I know, it'll also sound ridiculous, but at least, it's a bit anonymous, unlike "Alsatic". Anyways, I'll stay Alsatic anywhere else ... except Steam ?
Next, my Twitter. Yep, my Twitter's a true mess. I really screwed it. So yeah, I'll re-do everything I did from the @ Alsatic account.
Finally, I should deactivate on some networks I don't use ... it's a lack of space for others, really.

Well, seeya.
  • Listening to: Kim Wilde : You Keep me Hanging on

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