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Every art I make comes there. But these artworks which are there are strictly copyrighted. Don't use any part of my work without my explicit permission.

Random Favourites

Extraordinary arts by extraordinary peeps. :3 Feel free to check what I fav'd to fav' the peep's work too (like a charity, 'coz they're awesome) !

NB : Some artworks I fav'd are missing in the Featured, so click on "All" to check everything I loved. ;D


Damien J. Ledda
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I'm leaving on February 26, 2015, fyi ! :C

• Name : Damien Jérôme Ledda
• a.k.a : Alsatic ...
• Age : 16
• Birth : July 30, 1998; Strasbourg (Alsace -- hence the username xL), FR
• Activity : Traditional artist, student, gamer
• Gender : ♂
• Likes : Birds, logos, MineCraft, Angry Birds, EDM, blue, friends, artworks other people make, ...
• Hates : Annoying immature deviants, spambots, thunderstorms, art thieves, hate arts, blood, ...
• Favourite bands/musicians : Many people ... especially Joel Zimmerman and C2C ! :D
• Favourite color : Blue. Yes, even if it's a cold color.

Did you know ...
• ... that I actually enjoy watching YouTube videos, birds, ...; listening progressive house, etc.; but I take MOST of my time to learn for school ? D:
• ... that I'm hemophobic, it means that I hate blood ? (I honestly wish to bleed (1st degree word, plz) green/blue ...)
• ... that I CAN'T draw humans at all ... except stickmen or some pictogram ones ? (I begin to know how to draw them, but it's the f***in' proportions that makes 'em creepy !)
• ... that I wish to go to the other side of the Earth ?
• ... that I got myopia ?
• ... that I truly hate myself, and wish I could be a bird ?

Favourite ...
• ... Mario character : depends, mainly Yoshi and the Koopas.
• ... Pokémon : Many of them, especially those who look like birds & dragons. :D Even those from /vp/'s Pokémon Sage ! (I can't wait what the next Pokémon game will be (and I hope it's for WiiU, since no main Pokémon game has been released for home consoles).)
• ... Angry Bird : Not to exaggerate, it's everyone. Even though I've got a lil' favor on Poppy. :3
• ... animal : BIRDS. Whatever they are. èvé
• ... legendary creature : either a dragon, gryphon & phoenix.
• ... song : Delta by C2C, along many others.
• ... Minecraft mob : ... Silverfish. èvé
• ... Disney character : There's many to say ... but mainly those who are birds.
• More favs to come soon.

Account history
iThriller3 (from February 16, 2012 to June 14, 2012) > Moving to > SinisterLife (from June 14, 2012 to August 21, 2012)The-Bird-of-Truth (from August 21, 2012 to February 16, 2013)AlsaticEternityBird (from February 16, 2013 to May 18, 2014)Alsatic (from May 18, 2014 to February 26, 2015):skull:

Languages spoken
• French : Native (since birth) !
• English : Expert ... mixing both British and American languages.
• German : Beginner to Intermediate
• Other languages : None to Intermediate (depends on the language used per country)
• Native (aboriginal) languages : None to Minimal
• Shadok language : Ga (No) / Minimal

Friends [dA/IRL] | Inspirations
• My great allies !
Lenirra | SleepySketches | AngryWhiteBird | Kade-No-Akuma | Cookie-Guardian** | Nsponge200 | TBalazs2000 | way more.

• Those I met IRL !
werehog-laulau | misterJeje | Smileismydrug

• My ... Gods, if I can say it ? ('Coz they're awesome !)
SinisterEternity | InnerRequiem* | Shear-Rohark* | StellasStar* | Nupho | WishmasterAlchemist | Rick-Lilley* | amaliabastos | ioanacamelia2000 | way more.
If you're not here, it doesn't mean I hate you at all !

* I don't have news on 'em these days ... :C
** I miss this deviant on here (even though I can still find him/her on other sites) ... :c

Other accounts
• Active accounts

• Inactive accounts
Facebook (Private & mainly inactive)

• Private accounts
eMail : Giving to peeps I know AND trust !



:C Friends are leaving ... I kinda feel alone ... I already left DA 3 times, but I think I'll leave for good on February 26. Although, you can find me on Twitter to see more artworks in the future. And my characters might be taken as a project for things (like a short movie).

The reason why is because DA is getting boring and boring, WAY too unsatisfying to me, even though it'll be my 4th year overall.

You still have a month to contact me, tho C:
Klunu'to by Alsatic
Uhh ... mature or not ? The eye makes me feel like I should put Mature. Until I have your answers, it won't be mature, even though it has blood (see the eye ?).

Well, it was a bit random, but this artwork depicts Klunu'to as a violent character (because of the eye, the collar, the blood & the weapon). So, yea. Don't stay near him if he goes violent. Also, I updated him a bit, to differ from the actual form (yep, he's a "royal" chara for his people).

Klunu'to © Alsatic

© Alsatic.

Thaek by Alsatic
Oui, je sais, j'l'ai déjà envoyé sur Twitter, mais je l'envoie aussi ici pour ceux qui ne veulent pas aller voir mon compte. xL

Voilà mon premier fanart de Thaek, un YouTuber que j'aime bien, donc expectez des fails de dessin ici et là. En tout cas, ça s'est majoritairement bien passé. En même temps, cet artwork fait office de cadeau puisque c'est son anniv', de plus qu'il a tout juste la vingtaine. :3

Il tient un CD, comme la tête de son skin m'a fait allusion à la mau5head (deadmau5 l'avait peut-être avant la modification de son skin Minecraft, qui sait ?), donc car ça peut faire allusion à la musique (qu'il aime écouter ? Peut-être.).

Vous voulez voir ses vidéos ? C'est ici ! :la:

© Alsatic.

Vauxhall's ''Solution'' by Alsatic
Vauxhall's ''Solution''
Honestly uninspired for the title, but very glad on how the artwork turned.

Well, Vauxhall was searching a way to solve the mysteries he has with someone else (who isn't drawn because I got no idea for the design nor the name), and found a crystal bowl. Aware of the power of this glass item, the bird-like creature thinks (and certainly affirm) that it's the solution for their mysteries.

Don't ask me why he has teeth, I designed him like this to differ from actual birds. :L Well, I've got no words else to describe this. I didn't really fail, this time, and that may be a good sign, no ? Well, enjoy ! C:

Vauxhall © Alsatic

© Alsatic.

314 deviations

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